Musings on Music: Cornering The Market On Dreams


The history of America, in general, is a rather pragmatic one, filled with people doing things for very practical reasons. However, the one thing that has pervaded the collective psyche for centuries is the idea of “The American Dream.” It is that one piece of mysticism that is interwoven into the fabric of an otherwise commonsensical nation. Austin, Texas was the last place I would have expected to find evidence that “The American Dream” was still alive, what with the border guards only a few hundred miles away, but there she was bleached blonde in skinny jeans.

Maud In Cahoots

is a band lead by two sisters from Dublin, Ireland. The lead singer, Maud, came to the U.S two years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. With songs like “Lower East Side Bitch” written about difficulties meeting people in the Big Apple, it becomes apparent that the dream isn’t as dreamy while you’re chasing it. But, there they were, playing their hearts out in a small bar on 6th street at SxSW.

And they were good.

Maybe it wasn’t the dream as they had dreamt it back home on the emerald isle, but it’s something, isn’t it?

In a world rife with change, arguably in turmoil, there are still dreamers coming to American shores to share their hopes with us. What better way is there to fix a country going through an existential crisis than to fill it with far out ideas from the thought bubbles hanging over the beds of dreamers all around the world? Even if we can’t figure out housing or healthcare or the environment, we can at least take solace in the fact that we are keeping the dream alive. Are you alright with dreams being the number one American export?

-Joey Camire

Original photo taken at SxSW 2010 by Joey Camire