Look Harder: Gluttonous Branding Inspires Blindness

How many McDonald’s logos does it take for you to realize you’re at a McDonalds? Are the days when one pair of Golden Arches said enough? Has McDonald’s become so a part of the American landscape that it has to resort to this onslaught of signs and awnings and flags just to get noticed?

Granted, this particular McDonald’s is nestled in a dense mix of retail stores and other eateries on Broadway, one of the most distracting streets in America. But the other retail establishments seem to be doing fine with one, maybe two signs. But five? Nine logos? That seems like overkill.

It seems that McDonald’s has trained us to ignore it.

But check out the J. Crew Men’s store in downtown Manhattan. It’s a converted liquor store that cues everything the brand is trying to say: old world masculinity and authentic story-telling. You have to look for the branding. And by looking for it, you learn more about what J. Crew is trying to tell you.


Original Photo of McDonald's: Ben Cheney

Found photo of J. Crew Liquor Store:

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