Look Harder: Is Fandom Fleeting?

South Africa Soccer WCup US Ghana
South Africa Soccer WCup US Ghana

There Is No Heartbreak Like The First

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has been one of, if not the, most popular world cup in U.S history. Rating thus far in the U.S have been up 48% by comparison to the 2006 cup.

As I sat in a bar in SoHo Saturday 6/26, I really didn’t give a damn about the ratings or the popularity of the game, a game that the rest of the world seems to hold on high, all I could think about was the aching in my chest. Maybe it was from the stress that the extremely long game inflicted on me, the adrenaline pumping into my heart for over two hours of game play. Maybe, but more likely it was that I was experiencing my first excruciating heartbreak in the world of soccer at the feet of those villainous Ghanaian.

With my hands in my head, and the opportunity for redemption from this defeat non existent, it was a crushing helpless feeling. The idea of waiting four years to recover from the stinging loss only exaggerated the malaise. I had watched 75% of the games to this point. I had the bracket almost memorized in my head. I could do probabilities and scenarios of the likelihood of one team moving on to the next round. Before this I could count on two hands the number of matches I had ever watched. The game held no place in my head or my heart two weeks prior, but today it had driven a stake into my heart.

I’m not sure whether it was the Cup that had come over me, or if it was the game itself that had invaded my psyche, but for those first two weeks I was hooked. I sat wondering how I had gotten so involved. I couldn’t be sure if it was the loss of the U.S team I was mourning or if it was inevitable death of soccer in my life two short weeks after it was born. As the world cup closes in on the final matches, and a champion is crowned and reigns victorious for the next four years, I wonder how I’ll feel when the U.S returns to the pitch in 2014. Will I be waiting, anxiously anticipating a chance to return a blow the Ghanaians? Or will I have forgotten about the game all together? Will the rest of America forget how much we cared back in June of 2010?

Post By Joey Camire Photo via Washington Post