Look Harder: It's Out Of Our Hands


I’ve never been a fatalist. However, with the World Cup in full swing, I’m singing a slightly different tune.

The World Cup is watched by hundreds of millions of people scattered across the globe. Most, if not all, tune in with their hopes, dreams and maybe a little cash on the line for a desired outcome. Rooms fall silent, then explode in cacophony and eyes well up, all based on the actions of a few men on a field halfway around the world.

The thing is, none of us watching have any say in the outcomes of these matches. There is nothing we can do, unless you believe in “The Secret”, from our simple pub stools. All we can do is hope. And in the end, half of our hopes are rewarded and the other half are crushed.

There aren’t many things in the world that leave so many people so powerless. As with a lot in life, our happiness is completely out of our own control. We are passive observers. In this particular case, our fates are determined by the roll of a ball in a 110x75m pitch somewhere in a foreign land.

As you can probably tell, we are plagued with World Cup Fever here at Sylvain Labs, and this post is only the beginning.