Double Take: The Style Behind the Shakedown


To the left we have the KGB.  To the right we have what we found on a random Friday afternoon: a New York City police officer shaking down your average hipster in Union Square.

The shakedown a la NYPD seems incredibly calculated. The intimidating stance, the intimidating fashion, the intimidating look in the eye. These are all deliberate style decisions that are not unlike the decisions found in the world of war espionage (or fashion shows).

But the bigger question is whether the style behind the shakedown actually contradicts the touchy-feely image the NYPD wants (or needs) to perpetuate? Does the style behind the shakedown need to communicate intimidation or confidence and security?

Either way, doesn’t the NYPD motto, Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect, fly in the face of the shakedown style?

Maybe, therefore, a different inspiration would be more appropriate. One that is looked at with fear by criminals and reverence by law abiding citizens. The Lone Ranger, of course.


Original photo of NYPD: Joey Camire

Found photo of KGB:

Russian Books

Found photo of The Lone Ranger: