Look Harder: Size doesn't always matter.


DISCLAIMER: I'm a carnivore, but I'm also a dog owner (x2).  This should give you a good idea of where I stand on the "animal issue".

That being said, I noticed this Barnum and Bailey's Funundrum! ad a couple days ago.  You would think the little motocross men or the giant bucking elephant were what caught my eye.  But they weren't.  It was actually the little, white sticker in the bottom left corner on which was written "ANIMAL ABUSE".  This is interesting to me for two reasons.  One, the loudest part of this ad was the little, white sticker. And two, it actually made me stop and think about the ethics of The Greatest Show on Earth.

Generally, when I think about animal rights advertising, PETA comes to mind.  But, never does a PETA branded ad make me stop and think about animal rights or the animal tragedies of fur coats and leather pants. More often than not, I get angry at PETA (when they want to get me angry at Michael Vick types). Is it safe to assume that this sticker was placed here by someone who's animal rights beliefs align with PETA's?  I think so.  Why then are they choosing to attack the issue in such a different manner from PETA?  It seems as though they realize that sometimes the messages with the strongest impact are the most subtle.


Original photo by Joey Camire.