Perfect Strangers: Steven



was sitting on a bench in SoHo enjoying an afternoon coffee, writing in a notebook when we spotted him.  He seemed like someone who would welcome a casual conversation with a random stranger.  Luckily enough, we were right.

He explained that he was sitting there, on that bench, as part of a bigger life change he was making.  In fact, that's exactly what he was writing about.  He had realized he was too high-strung, wound-up, tense or whatever you might like to call it, and it was affecting him.  He decided to actively make a change in his life, to become a calmer person, and to not let the pace of others dictate the way he goes about his own daily life.

Advice worth heading?

Perfect Strangers is our answer to all the strangers we see on a daily basis but never speak to.  We believe that everyone has an interesting story or idea or something they want to share, all you need to do is ask.  We approach strangers and ask them to “tell us  something we wouldn’t have known if we didn’t talk to you today.”  These are their stories.