Sylvain Labs is 3 Years Old. And this is Why We’re Here.


Sylvain Labs is very close to me and the way I see the world. In no way is it my reason for being (it’s still work after all), but the company undoubtedly channels my perception of the way things work. 

And when Sylvain Labs turned 3 years old on January 26, 2013, I couldn’t help but feel that we crossed a profound milestone. We achieved what feels like a corporate puberty. And with that comes many of the natural questions that come with adolescence. Why are we here? What is our purpose? And how are we changing the world around us?

The answer begins in January 2010 when Sylvain Labs was founded. I was hit with a rare bout of courage when I saw others, less-capable but better- resourced, start successful companies. Often, they were dispassionate people, with a penchant for cruelty. They were just mean – belittling people and making them cry. I had friends leaving their work in worse shape than when they got there.

I knew from my experience at Mother that the workplace could actually make us better. I felt that if we could combine talent (creativity, experience, etc.), with a simple sense of respect and humanity, we would have something valuable. Or at least different.

As a result, we’re three years old, complete with a collective purpose and a mutual respect. That’s what fuels our work – our thinking, our recommendations, our products, our reputation, our point of view, our style, etc.. 

So with Sylvain Labs I hope we’re creating a company that’s a bit more human. A company with a soul. (And a brain. Oh, and balls. We definitely have balls. All of that – a bouillabaisse of soul, brain, and balls). 

If anything, that’s why we’re here (unless you’re a client, in which case we’re here solely to solve your problems). And this is what we’re reflecting on our third anniversary.